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Welcome, institutions of higher education and representatives of commerce and industry!

Many innovations are taking place in higher education to respond to rapidly changing technology and the evolving needs of today’s students. As an example, self-paced courses optimize a student’s available time for their education. Self-paced courses require successful mastery of progressive competencies to complete the course. Many institutions are investing thousands or millions of dollars and thousands of hours in personnel time to define the competencies for their programs and courses.

The Masterly Network

You’ve arrived at a powerful tool for educational institutions to work together to their benefit and the benefit of students. Masterly provides a prime opportunity for industrial and commercial organizations to share their needs and provide input to higher education as well. By “crowdsourcing” definitions and feedback, the Masterly Network most efficiently arrives at highest-rated definitions — the best definitions of a competency that the entire scope of higher education, commerce and industry has to offer. Program-specific competencies are archived, searchable and rated by the entire marketplace.

Contributors have access to the competency definitions created by others, including top institutions. Contributors also benefit from ratings data to support and promote the use of their own definitions.